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At Whisper Creek Homes, we are visionaries, architects of possibility, and catalysts of change. Through the use of building systems technology and off-site construction building methods, we’re redefining how homes get built. Our packages are inspired by the timeless beauty of natural log or timber elements and harness the power of panelized construction.
With reduced construction timeframes and waste, you can move into your dream home sooner without compromising on craftsmanship or design integrity.

We’d love to be part of your journey home!

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We have lots of pre-designed homes, in several different “series” with hundreds of floor plans and options to choose from. These packages can be customized to match your lifestyle and build site. If you don’t find something you like we can design a custom home package for you as well.

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Homes Built For Lives Well Lived

At Whisper Creek, we incorporate all of the benefits of off-site building system fabrication to give you the home you want while saving you time and money compared to traditional on-site building methods.”

Award Winning Pre-Engineered Homes

Find the Look You Want

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own dream home or just want to follow along with our latest projects, we’ve got you covered. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in – it’s time to get woodsy!

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About us

Whisper Creek Homes is a company that has specialized in off-site panelized construction of mountain-style and natural accent homes for 20+ years

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Our Dealer Network

At Whisper Creek Homes, we carefully select our dealers to fit strict criteria. We want to ensure our dealer base is comprised of good people with high standards for excellence who will also fulfill our corporate values, including honesty and integrity.


What our customers say

“Whisper Creek Log Homes were originally designed for Canadian winters where construction in mountainous areas is difficult. These rugged homes address the structural concerns of stack log homes by panelizing the construction but allow for the elegant look of log construction and versatility in finishing. As an engineer and Whisper Creek dealer, I am convinced that Whisper Creek Log Homes are the best structural and economic solution available for intelligent log home design.”
Steve Smith Dealer
“I have been a Whisper Creek Log Home Dealer now for a little over a year. I have sold and built one package so far and have a few more in the works. I have built with a few other pre-framed house systems and the WCLH system is by far superior to all others. Since I have become a dealer my business has grown by 25% and I expect that it will keep growing for years to come. I am proud to be part of the Whisper Creek family and glad that I am able to sell such a quality product.”
Andrew Beuschel Dealer/Builder
“Whisper Creek Log Homes has allowed Linda and I to live in our dream custom home at a great price. We became dealers 11 years ago and have had unbelievable success in helping over 50 families live out their dreams in Montana. If you’re looking to build a custom home and state of the art building process, this is it! Look no further, they are beautiful!”
Loren Baker MT Dealer
“I have built over 60 Whisper Creek Log Homes in the past 10 years. In my opinion, Whisper Creek produces the most revolutionary log home system in the industry. Whisper Creek uses high quality products and a specific building system that allows uniformity to the building process. Whisper Creek also provides excellent on-site advising for contractors and are quick to help resolve any building concerns. Because of their use of the same building system methods and quality materials, the homes go together much quicker than a traditional stick frame and this allows me to build more homes a year. I recommend Whisper Creek Log Home packages to all of my customers. Becoming part of the Whisper Creek builder network would be a great opportunity to grow your business and work with a great manufacturer.”
K.C. Jones Dealer/Builder
“Highest of accolades to the entire team at Whisper Creek Log Homes! Just five weeks after deciding to build our dream log home, our site was ready and the structure was immediately delivered. Four days later, our home was completely closed in ready for interior finishing—and at a fraction of what we thought we would spend!”
Robert Hal Parker Customer
“After living in a traditional log home and dealing with cracking, leaking, and bug infestation (not to mention the lengthy, costly building process), we were anxious to find an alternate way of log home living. Thank you Whisper Creek for giving us the look and feel of a hand crafted log home but without the inherent problems of a traditional log structure!”
Ken Benesh Customer
“I researched many log home companies in my pursuit of building my dream vacation home for my family and me. I had money to spend and was more interested in quality, elegance, and grandeur rather than pure price point. But with Whisper Creek I received all of the above! Well done Whisper Creek!”
Ross Jardine Customer
“Working with Whisper Creek Log Homes has been a wonderful experience for our family. We never thought that we could afford a cabin — thank you for helping us create our own special gathering place.”
Kim Stevenson Customer
“Whisper Creek Log Homes proved that they keep their word. When they say that you can save time and money over traditional log cabin construction, they mean it!”
Ann Staggs Customer
“Our beautiful log cabin is everything I dreamt of – and more. The craftsmanship is simply unmatched and the speed with which the cabin was ready for us to enjoy; was amazing.”
Donya Brown Customer
"I extensively shopped log home companies before deciding on Whisper Creek. Ultimately, I found their designs, pricing, responsiveness and customer service to be the best. During planning and design they were incredibly helpful, flexible and turned plans around very quickly. The home was delivered timely and the quality was outstanding. I also need to acknowledge our builder (and Whisper Creek distributor) KC Jones of Big 4 Development in Cedar City, Utah. I could not have had a better experience or result."
L Dicker Houzz
“We ordered a Whisper Creek Log Home for our cabin property. Whisper Creek produced a great product and even with our difficult delivery location, they worked out the details. We had a few small items that needed to be corrected (bound to be a few when building an entire home) and whisper creek was quick to respond and resolve any issues that came up. We had a few changes that we decided to make during construction that necessitated modifications or shipment of new products. Whisper Creek was again quick to respond and help us resolve. The changes that were needed without changing any kind of premium for the change or for rushing to get the materials to us in a timely manner, so as not to delay our construction. They were also very helpful when we ran into crazy interpretations of the codes by local building officials. They helped us resolve the issues and get our approvals needed, again at a reasonable cost. Great people to work with, and we are very satisfied with our cabin, and with our relationship with Whisper Creek.”
Kris Longson Customer
“We did quite a bit of research before choosing Whisper Creek Log Homes. Their product is the best we could locate for a log panel home. Our contractor and crew were also impressed by their solid workmanship and detail built into each component. Whisper Creek has great people that helped us along the building process as well. Anyone who has both at home knows there are hitches and hurdles to overcome. Whisper Creek was there for us and we are thankful they were. We highly recommend them and their product to anyone looking for a well-built log panel home.”
Michael Adams Customer
“Whisper Creek Log Homes was the company which we purchased our log home package from for our build in Alberta, Canada. We received very good service in the creation of the home packages as well as the blueprints. Thank you!”
Elaine Steinke Customer
“Absolutely “love” the aesthetically pleasing innovative design and layout by Whisper Creek. The logs are beautiful, natural accents complimenting nature. Especially “special” the wrap around porch and creative roof line. A wonderful experience talking with WC owners and staff. Our vision to build a guesthouse on 2 acres in Sun Valley, ID. Our expectations were surpassed by the high quality of professionalism, workmanship, and logs. The Riverwood panels arrive first week of Dec. 2021, eight months later we were moving in! Noteworthy: our contractor ( first time) assembled/erected log panels with assistance from WC answering all questions or concerns. Amazing, one week after delivery there was a log cabin on our property. Thank you Whisper Creek for specializing in Log Homes! Ecstatically happy and grateful.”
B. Monroe. Customer
"You guys did a wonderful job and were amazing to work with."
J. Finely Customer
"Wanted to send some pictures of the great house Whisper Creek designed for us. We just moved in last week and are enjoying our new dream home."
Pete & Sherrie B. Customer