Award Winning Pre-Engineered Homes

You have chosen your home, now choose your Exterior Finish.
You can pick Log, Appalachian, Or Craftsman better known as Timber Frame Style Siding or request a quote for custom siding.


Flat Appalachian

Our Appalachian exterior finish is very popular in areas with extreme weather patterns. This exterior finish leaves no room for snow and rain to sit on the logs. Just like our traditional half round log style, the homes are stained, chinked and sealed for a beautiful finish, without the shortfalls of full stacked logs. Imagine coming home to the site of your dream home every day!


Round Log Style

Our traditional ½ log exterior finish gives the look and feel of a full log home or cabin, but without the inherent shortfalls such as shifting, cracking, and shrinking which is a cause of drafts and heat loss. We provide a beautiful log home that is quick to build and provides long-lasting, trouble-free stately beauty for years of enjoyment! Imagine sitting back and relaxing in your Whisper Creek — the ultimate in log home living.


Craftsman Style

This line of homes was the original design of our company. We wanted to offer more than just a cabin in the woods, we wanted to offer our customers an experience that they could be excited about. We know that our timber frame style homes become a gathering place for friends and family and at Whisper Creek Homes there is nothing we value more than this. These timber frame homes will create a memorable experience each and every time you enter.