Our comprehensive dealer and/or builder network spans multiple regions, giving you local access to knowledgeable and dedicated professionals ready to assist you at every step.

If a dealer is not available in your area or during the timeframe you want to build we can help you vet a builder in your area. If a builder can build a conventional home, then they will have no problem assembling our prefabricated panelized walls, components, and roof systems.

Dealer Locations

Interested in becoming a dealer?

The majority of our innovative panelized home packages are sold through our extensive network of local dealers. Our dealers are typically builders or realtors or can coordinate with local builders to help our customers connect the dots from designing and receiving their Whisper Creek to the interior build-out and being turn-key ready. We offer extensive training and lots of support for our dealers.

If you’re interested in becoming a Whisper Creek dealer or just want to find out more about panelized, also called off-site or component framing, building systems then give us a call-we’re easy to talk to!