How it works

We tailor design and engineer your chosen plan to fit perfectly with your build site.

We ensure it meets IRC 2018 structural requirements, including seismic, wind shear, snow load considerations, and can also incorporate local or subdivision building code requirements that are provided to us during the design phase-and can be easily obtained from your local building department or finish builder. If you prefer a fully custom design, we collaborate closely with you to create a unique home design and align all aspects to fit within our sustainable building system.

Our process involves precise modeling of every aspect of your package using HSB-CAD a 30+ year best in class software made specifically for off-site construction after we’ve received the structurally engineered plans back from the 3rd party engineers that we work with. We call this process doing “shops” this enables us to find design areas that could be problematic or add to the difficulty of assembly prior to fabricating the wall systems and components which is an additional benefit of the off-site construction process compared to traditional on-site stick by stick building.

After the shops are checked to the engineered plans one final time they are then posted to the wall fabrication department.

We then use an automated Spida Saw to cut each framing member with incredible accuracy, eliminating common human errors and reducing waste. Each piece is tagged and organized per wall and platform for faster and more precise construction.

The 2×6 wall framing is meticulously laid out and constructed on raised platforms, following every detail provided on the shop plans

We utilize insulated core headers for energy efficiency and thermal bridging reduction for our window and door openings. While throughout the process, our shop foremen ensure quality and accuracy.

We then move to the OSB sheeting and ensure the nailing pattern is to the engineered plans/ 2018 IRC building code.

The siding material is cut with precision, ensuring a perfect fit. Our skilled construction team expertly installs the siding, whether it’s log, wood, B&B, lap, fiber cement, or metal. Next windows are installed per manufacturers instructions – we typically use Pella Windows. Window and door trim is cut and fit.

Once these steps are completed and again inspected, the walls move to our finish shop. If log or wood siding was selected any debris are cleaned off and then the walls are stained and/or chinked based on your color preferences. 

For the log or timber accents and components that are incorporated into many of our designs we use advanced HSB design to model each timber

then the files are sent to the K2 Hundegger and/or Sawmill which provides accurate joinery machining at high speed, allowing for various connections, pre-drilling, cuts and notching maximizing the usage of the sustainable dead standing timbers utilized in our home packages while minimizing waste and providing beautiful log and timbers that compliment our mountain style designs perfectly for our clients to enjoy for years and years to come.

Finally once a shipping date has been confirmed we process the TJI roof components which includes pre-cutting and installing web stiffeners where required, or order the trusses to be delivered and stored with All of the other components, walls, hardware and materials which are carefully labeled, packaged, and staged for delivery to your build site for assembly.