Whisper Creek Line


6,352 sq. ft. (total)

Please note all photos show the model with additional options added to make each home unique.

The name speaks for itself. It commands respect from all who see and enter its walls. This panelized home has been a favorite for large families as well as being built as a lodge and corporate guest retreat.

This is such an impressive home with so much flexibility that you’ll have a great time designing just the right floor plan to meet your needs. There is room for everything on your wish list with this space, so let your imagination run wild and we’ll see to it that you’re the talk of the town with this beautiful Whisper Creek Home. All of our plans can be modified to fit your needs and build site. Available with half log siding, flat Appalachian siding, craftsman siding for a more timber frame look, or a combination of craftsman and steel siding. We can also custom quote any siding style for your home. Our Mountain style homes turnkey price varies greatly a square foot depending on site location, package options, interior finishes and local general contractor labor availability. Please check with your Authorized Dealer for details.

Standard Features

Wall Construction

  • 2x6 Stud
  • 10' wall height
  • Laminated LVL Headers with insulation core
  • Conventional 2x6 framing practices
  • Double Top Plate
  • 7/16 OSB sheathing
  • Single Bottom Plate
  • House Wrap

Interior Timber Package

  • 10" Pocketed Gable King Post, qty 2
  • 10" Loft Support Beams, qty 2
  • Timber Stair Railing
  • 10" Minimum Center Post , qty 1
  • 10" Loft Purlins, qty 6
  • Full Set Of Loft Newel Post And Log Railing
  • Non-Structural 10" Roof Purlins, qty 2
  • Timber Stair Stringers And Treads, qty 1 Set


  • Siding Installed
  • Pella Window Vapor Tape Installed
  • Chinking Installed
  • Stained & Clear Coat Applied
  • Heavy Timber Window Trim
  • Lift Points For Unloading Installed
  • Windows Installed
  • Window Trim Caulked
  • Exterior Corners Pre - Finished, shipped loose

Exterior Timber Package

  • 10" Timber Porch posts
  • Roof purlins
  • 10" Timber porch Beams


  • 12:12 Pitch Central Roof System
  • Glulam Ridge Beams
  • Rafters Precut & Mitered
  • Connection Steel And Threaded Rods Included
  • Required Rafter Blocking And Support Pieces
  • 7:12 Pitch flat bottom trusses on Wings
  • Gable King Posts
  • Web stiffeners Installed
  • Roof Sheathing Included
  • 48" Gable Eve Overhang On TJI Roof Section
  • 14" TJI Rafters
  • Rafter Hangers Included
  • 3/4" OSB Sub-Fascia, 4x8 stock shipped
  • 24" Eve Overhang All Other Locations

Design Criteria

  • Wind - 90 MPH
  • Roof Load - 70 PSF Ground Snow Load
  • Foundation - 1,500 PSF Minimum Soil Bearing Pressure, Site Class D
  • Seismic - Evaluated During Engineering


  • 2 X Dimensional Loft Floor Framing
  • 2 X Ledgers For Wall Bearing Connections
  • 3/4" T&G OSB Subfloor Sheathing

Pella Encompass Windows Are Standard, Almond Color

All Chinking Done Except At Package Connection Points

All Necessary Steel Bracketry Included

Powder Coat Black Finish

Additional Timbers may be added and charged depending on model size, options, and final engineering

Every Plan Will Be Engineered To Build Site Requirements For Wind, Seismic and Roof Load.

A Price Increase May Be Necessary Accommodate Structural Changes After Engineering Review

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